Naughty Babysitter Makes Happy Her Stepdaddy And Gets Facial On Her Glasses

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47 Replies to “Naughty Babysitter Makes Happy Her Stepdaddy And Gets Facial On Her Glasses”

  1. wiseyoungmat says:

    wasn't she chatting with her friend, lmao

  2. shhan0911 says:


  3. mountainmad says:

    this video makes me squirt so much!

  4. jerryd says:

    The guy who took the facial is cute as fuck....and a cumeater as well!!

  5. mcamisclan says:


  6. jonfriedman says:

    She deserves better!

  7. Elaine says:

    good for you owen she is the hottest girl working today

  8. deisyvega3 says:

    i want a "A" in english but my teacher is the same gender and fugly

  9. dvanlant says:

    Lol,smh really lol...That little ass shit ,no homo!!!!! Dude also looks like he's biracial, not fully caucasian.. Reminds me of the L.A. Clippers "Blake Griffen"..... You will never measure up to us ,so keep dreaming....

  10. toter12 says:

    lol i thought the same thing so i went into the comments and see this at the top

  11. Petter_thomas1 says:

    Here is full video if you want to see it.

  12. WSSZ says:

    Where is this and how can I get there?

  13. Pateeke says:

    I hope everything goes well and they workout

  14. LPMercer says:

    dat guy is zombie .. uooohhhhh all time . she is silent.. weird ..

  15. j-groove says:

    First, hot as hell and I love it. Second... Ever thought of doing something like that but as a character like Taki or Yuna?

  16. sparkweb says:

    I love the way she goes for black dick and takes it in both mouth and ass I just wish it was me

  17. David_W says:

    i just came like a horse...awesome fuckin vid!

  18. stefaniersk says:

    Thanks! Googled the name and saw her social media profile. Great girl.

  19. mmnoble says:

    Any change he will worship your feet? or at least come all over your toes and soles?

  20. ax934 says:

    daymm that was a killer blowjob

  21. scarf says:

    All these questions? I wonder if anyone really cares when a girl lost her virginity or how many times they have had sex? Is that really a thing of intrigue anymore?

  22. Exia says:

    Thank you. I always read the comments before I watch a porno. Not sure why, always do. I will now not watch this video

  23. juliesmithwick1 says:

    First VR vid I saw. RIP August Ames.

  24. GavinYeung says:

    he souns like Andy Bernard

  25. themixmasters says:

    Back again! Started where I left off at 21:03 made it till 25:43 where I came again! I migbt never finish this and I am ok with that! I just love their sex!

  26. misssara says:

    Luckydread, you are beautiful, but where is the video with sound? you promised almost half a year ago)))

  27. suzannengan says:

    What is that beautiful girl doing with that moron? I'm tired of guys constantly making noise through the WHOLE video. He was groaning from the get-go when they were "waking up". It was more like moans of misery or dread to me and the incessant overly loud mouth breathing, geez! People make noise when they fool around, I'm one of them. Dude ruined a beautiful girl giving good head on a decent but splotchy dick, I would make better use of my mouth with a girl like that, just my opinion

  28. Elaine says:

    You’re welcome x

  29. Clue says:

    Love the blonde hair. Adorable.

  30. cmsheeks says:

    Cool Vid... But the music is shitty...

  31. nish4nt says:

    Lol your dick must be tiny

  32. Ray837 says:

    Anal is the best.

  33. janinedesiree says:

    omg when you were on your back I almost came immediately more like that please!

  34. dawnfixter says:

    you are really amazing

  35. thalawson says:

    Want to get naked with me

  36. lakshmy-krishna says:

    God damn, thats bomb AF.

  37. Braadstomen says:

    Gotta work that clit at the same time. Working the booty alone is fine, but you're barely taking her to 20,000 ft of climax with that. Hit that clit you send her to space.

  38. PA_Bangkok says:

    Is this real

  39. perry10 says:

    seriously wish that guy would shut the fuck up!

  40. Xain says:

    For the first time in years, I'm very tempted to pay for porn.  Do you accept money orders?  My wife isn't quite the fan I am and explaining the charge would be very difficult.  And dangerous.  She was a softball pitcher.

  41. matureenglishma says:

    There are very few porn actresses that are believable. She is perfect! She is relly enjoying herself and not over-acting. So incredibly sexy.

  42. emilyp11 says:

    Girl at 3:30?? She is hot as fuck

  43. king786 says:

    DO IT.

  44. ductrat says:


  45. BrettLefty says:

    Exactly my nibba

  46. Richie101 says:

    holly ass!!

  47. danmort says:

    That girl love's a good blowjob

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