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49 Replies to “Baby Sitter Fucked”

  1. DagmarGartner says:

    Oh look they all have ugly ink jobs... anybody not have "mee too" ink? It won't wash off or wear off over time. Stupid fucking people... At least they ID the body in the morgue...

  2. dragospuri says:

    Anyone know who is it at 3:13 please ?

  3. afoursuccar says:

    great video and she has a fantastic body... love the tattoos

  4. zpenguin says:

    Who are the ones at 1:15 and 2:35?

  5. Skunken says:

    Sorry 4.50

  6. bigbird says:

    Lynx is super hot

  7. chrisemsen says:

    i cam so harrd

  8. contron15 says:

    Thanks, T3BC, for showing all these white boys how white girls can't help but cum over and over as they get resized for superior black cock

  9. MochaLattie says:

    beautiful, fresh pussy, so innocent.

  10. roseparadise says:

    06:53 pose name?

  11. escobarQQ says:

    love u Nina wow ur amazing .....

  12. beanie says:

    Crazy hot! But if you're going to do a mock game between Latinas, it's worth noting brasileiras falam portugues.

  13. trader1 says:

    This was one of the best videos Ever! Amazing, you are the best!

  14. sanjit says:

    Straight to the ass, it's a keeper

  15. sairajshv says:

    He should have released it deep inside her.  That would have made for a much more enjoyable scene for everyone involved, especially Dakota!!  Blacked, please have the guys release deep inside from now on!!

  16. NormanM says:

    She is very cute and makes nice noises.. Who is she?

  17. Jimspy says:

    when she tells her that her tummy hurts rosie just laughed at her...omg i cantt stop watching this video

  18. history-buff says:

    Oscar woman compliments

  19. EppcMogen says:

    i want this machine )))))

  20. milkkore says:

    Natural.. I don't think so!

  21. tractorman881 says:

    First girl?

  22. marly439 says:

    Chick at 1:30 I don't even know but I'd marry her right now. My god

  23. nursemsic says:

    luv this gurl

  24. DITLIGAFF says:

    Who is the girl?

  25. Maverick2596 says:

    Ohh man she reminds me why latinas are the only ones i dont wear condoms wit.. even doe shes a hot sex slut i would still make love to this beautiful bitch!!

  26. hosenkloft says:

    Damn he really knows how to treat a girl

  27. CharlyAR says:

    Liking these tittys

  28. Runner3 says:

    Most watched gay video on this site.

  29. Elaine says:

    who is the girl at 0:09 ??? 03:37???

  30. icoarius says:

    babes add me for a good time

  31. animira8 says:

    I fucking love it

  32. kromosto says:


  33. Ahmadamoud says:

    you're right some do fake the funk and piss away....cliaming to squirt. Just a suggestion...Watch the asshole...inner lebia.....and if at all possible the clit. At the time of a true female ejaculation (squirt) everything but the kitchen sink ...swells, protrudes, infates, expands, buldges and enlarges. Mostly all mentioned will writh to rhythm of the orgasm....

  34. blimps2 says:

    Isn't she 14

  35. weitrem says:

    Would not my my GF to do this, but this is hot. Good girl, we need more of them around.

  36. htcole1 says:

    That was hot watching her take that big black cock in her ass and I enjoyed watching it splatter cum on her pretty face.. Good girl

  37. doug662 says:

    Damn she's good at sucking dick

  38. bronco71626 says:

    What a great video. He really was having too much fun.

  39. chumakzhenya says:

    Nice, very nice

  40. bakayurei says:

    The shortest*

  41. basil28 says:

    10/10 acting

  42. tonybsnr says:


  43. danharontcan says:

    don't we all

  44. terryterry says:

    How is sex a punishment exactly??

  45. dangleebits says:

    She kind of reminds me Daeneris :3

  46. nalchuck100 says:

    That's Bree Olson @ 6:00min

  47. jaykaycad says:

    Add me

  48. kerriganfisher says:

    Hot and Hard.

  49. dustinripberger says:

    loved your video..keep posting more

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