Baby Sitting Academy - Scene 3

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Elektra Rose;Jaclyn Taylor


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Elektra Rose and Jaclyn Taylor

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49 Replies to “Baby Sitting Academy - Scene 3”

  1. smokestevens says:

    The woman in white is probably jane and she's watching tarzan fuck the two bitches.

  2. rbeery says:

    Created an account just to comment. But that guy has to be the worst at fucking I have ever seen, like holy shit he had to be a virgin prior to filming this. I couldn't even jerk off properly to this video because this guy was fucking like a chihuahua after taking a hit of some hardcore meth. Not only that but toward the end he let out the saddest little nut out of his sad little dick. I came here to masturbate but instead found this guy's sex level to be fucking 0. Nice bod though keep it up.

  3. fire940715 says:

    She is hot

  4. JaneEdwards0 says:

    I LOVE THIS CLIP the guy wrecked her Mmmmmmmm and she is so sexy

  5. aehu says:


  6. itjackie says:

    Instagram xD

  7. killer_mcnugget says:

    Hahahaha this was a terrible video. He didnt do shit.

  8. syrianuae says:

    cumshots have nothing to do with dick so whats your point

  9. Elaine says:

    Fuck me like that!

  10. donpet says:

    Me trataras como tu puta...y eso me gustara.

  11. ricbonnell says:

    These 2 girls are awesome and would have me blowin a nut in a heartbeat I would have to make it an all nighter with them

  12. Magnusg1015 says:

    super eagle legs!

  13. sjo says:

    Gavin McInnes said it best, "good sex is borderline this is going to court"

  14. eddywon says:

    here is yet another example of a woman destroying a mans will but according to women men are the only sex that force sexual things disgraceful ha just kidding i wouldnt have given a second thought

  15. Rektolisk says:

    0:14 why her voice sound like its his conscience speaking to him?

  16. rclancyr says:

    That cock

  17. zadnik88 says:

    Love her typical shrieking scream of defeat right before he throbs, and the belly bulge when he finally cracks that nut...that pipe must be pumpin like a hose. Wish I was that alien scrambling her guts n tubes with my batter bomb.

  18. flowerelb says:

    I had a threesum with my sister a few times.It's fuckin awesome

  19. AtomicKitties says:

    Brandi fucking love is unbelievable. So FUCKABLE AAHAAHAAH

  20. vahn280 says:

    Just skip to the reverse cow girl part! She rode that bull like a champ!

  21. MSNick says:

    Damn, he is a stud, never seen him before, but would let him plow me and breed me anytime thats for sure...

  22. robinlallen1 says:

    she rides him so nicely. I would cum so much inside her

  23. jessicaholt16 says:

    Great video. That is the way every morning should start out.

  24. kirans12 says:


  25. MrCdo says:

    I wander how old she was when her and her daddy started doing it

  26. busman4 says:

    You guys should make a bigger watermark, i can barely see this one

  27. rapsody566 says:

    bruh I came on my fidget spinner at least 6 times

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  30. malamute says:

    Tanner Mayes in Too Small to Take It All

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  32. tuhlyn says:

    Who's watching the Winter Olympics?

  33. luigitondi says:

    haha I think we all saw that!

  34. elflegolas says:

    When your done fapping consider joining my discord

  35. Claudius says:

    If that's what you're going criticize about this video then I have no problem calling you crazy.

  36. shiv_d says:

    I'd be interested to know the name of this actress and if she has any other vids out or coming out on PH. Does anyone know?

  37. tyzaria says:

    I just love the whole "doing the nasty taboo" thing. -Just when some of the porn actresses and their non-stop phony yelling and screaming all through the scene is getting way too obnoxious. good fun.

  38. geezuslvr says:

    All these Asian girls are so sexy

  39. dsu12012 says:

    mmm shes hot and he has such a nice fat cock

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  41. nancycarey says:

    That made me so wet

  42. engebritson says:

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  43. keefyboyuk says:

    One of the best videos ever made.

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  45. LapaSaiza says:

    How do they last more than a minute with her sucking like that wow?

  46. gregbuzz says:

    This girl is beyond perfect, and when me has her gape!....forget about it!!

  47. StarBank says:

    I'm from sc and would love to do a shoot with you how do I get involved

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