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41 Replies to “Hot teen LOVES a DADDY DICK”

  1. hamad10 says:

    Couple work well together. She's got a great body and the tats woke well on her. So does a big dick deep in her pussy and a busted nut all over her body.

  2. LauraCrabole says:

    I miss these guys making videos! They were so hot!

  3. jscot700 says:

    Once you have finished jacking off to porn, there's another settlement that needs our help. I hope you can get to them quickly. We need to show people that the Minutemen are back.

  4. Johns801 says:

    Oh she is lovely

  5. thomasyawoppong says:

    She a good 1 gotta keep her

  6. bellairishangel says:

    Wow you are an awesome little fucking slut! Id love to have you all to myself so I could pound the duck out of you and bury my cock in every hole on your body

  7. fairfax22030 says:

    one or more of them should've got that cum inside them

  8. vrai-lxi says:

    that makes me so hroney

  9. Tokyodandan says:

    There were all kinds of ways this could have gone and they didn't do it. Might as well have made them a regular couple and he just not care about her being stuck and he take the pussy. This was pretty lame. They could have at least gotten a broad that looked older than him.

  10. incomecoach says:

    11:25 beautiful pink pussy

  11. perezjos says:

    she has a nice body

  12. Fox972 says:

    This was ridiculously hot and had many of my favorite things in porn thigh highs the butt plug throat fuck with the tits up the tit fuck nice work! More? Name??

  13. BaneArts says:

    рабочий задок у чики))

  14. ricis says:

    Hopefully you're just trolling. Otherwise, you're a disgusting human being.

  15. m9_ says:

    1:20 girl with the black booty shorts stretching who is she?

  16. SorinV says:

    FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. garrettrk73 says:

    she's so gorgeous! if i had any chance of getting with her . . . i would totally take that chance! o.o

  18. symune says:

    Ashley, you've got a new subscriber!

  19. Xardorian says:

    dat pussy licking *.*

  20. ptjald says:

    that's great !

  21. rmarmboy says:

    Somebody flood my pussy...

  22. lindadock says:

    I thought college was more about preparing about how to face the real world and academics and learning and least about sex....That girl is stopping at her tracks.

  23. rbunge_99 says:

    hotty having some hot sex.

  24. TomPV says:

    meet me bejb

  25. slaneyrose says:

    Holy shit look at her ass

  26. rox_shreejan says:

    Salute to those who we have lost during the Great Meme War of 2016!

  27. SKP says:

    Damn i fcked my old neighbor long ago. She looked just like this chick. I came soo hard and so deep in her tight asshole.i had areally great time back then. Fck. This brings back some really great memories.

  28. Sambosam says:

    at 00:39 she does "I really don't feeli like doing this this" look. btw I'm surprised i noticed that

  29. ww22 says:

    the title say "wife" but the maid said "how are you gonna find a husband with those toys". this story does not compute

  30. allright566 says:

    anyone wanna chat or trade some pics msg me

  31. pre911mindset says:

    For everybody who thinks this is real. NOBODY PLAYS GAMES ON A SOFA WHIT A MOUS AND KEYBOARD. Thank you.

  32. Thevolget says:

    This movie is called: 18 and confused. Search it if you want to know the actors

  33. Plushmeister says:

    wow that was actually really good

  34. keithhilluk says:

    Please Girls Devirginize me

  35. mielicab says:

    The black censoring cut out at the very last second of the video

  36. kentagum says:

    she said she misses dick so badly and he said "I completely understand" lmao dude is gay

  37. magnusfojo says:

    Tremendas tetas

  38. Romarno84 says:

    I would love to have my wife for dinner like this, and I'm sure she would enjoy it too! Oh, and yes, KateyKaitlyn, I'll pierce your nipples too!

  39. danyilbondarchu says:

    Fuck, that is the perfect analogy!! "AHHHHhhhhh".  All the time, I wish Shane would shut the goddamn fuck up already -_-

  40. daxtey says:

    So fucking jealous...of her!

  41. shelleyhurst5 says:

    An older man i use to "chat" with talked and guided just like you... Love your videos, the girls do an amazing job, and how you speak turns me on beyond belief.

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