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37 Replies to “Shaved teen babysitter assfucked”

  1. Bill16A says:

    Gracias! Haremos mas videos con pelo rizado =)

  2. dcchakravarty says:

    They're all beautiful and have amazing bodies.... loved it! 3

  3. malindarusso says:


  4. leslieallen101 says:

    Bethesda is one of the best if not the best game developer out there. All the hate towards them for making a great Fallout 3 game that was beloved more than New Vegas, or making numerous ports for a Materpiece like Skyrim is stupid. They are one of the only companies out there who make profit out of great games, instead of millions in profit out of utter crap with loot boxes and k**s as fanbase.

  5. devapatla says:

    I see Christy Mack is doing well, bless her soul.

  6. allieh says:

    lol dude must have jacked off to her like 3 times before this scene. Nice shot brah

  7. edgonzalez says:

    Hot girl. She's also got an LANewGirl video. Goes by Erin or Sarah...

  8. bfrazier1972 says:

    id suck every part of her

  9. mrtannertb says:

    Nice girls

  10. dezzon says:

    That was fucking hypnotic Beautiful cock, beautiful lips, beautiful tongue I love it when cum dribbles down my chin

  11. brentcarlson10 says:

    Seems a little bit fake, but it is so great!

  12. zimmaa says:

    great scene!! i came!

  13. Shelldrake07 says:

    Wow... Just wow I think I need to experience being sucked by you x

  14. storch_w says:

    trying to FUCKER her........./???//

  15. Elaine says:

    Wow shes so sexy mmmmmm i will like to kiss & lick so good that delicious pussy to ass up side down up side down up side down until she cum in my mouth yummy

  16. radarhead57 says:

    Fap, Fap, Fap...

  17. olumzorg says:

    too fake though, no passion.

  18. darko92 says:

    Dem fake titties.

  19. melchristy says:

    did she just take a selfie with a dick,

  20. Rob3375 says:

    Well try premade seeds that spawn ya near good stuff

  21. dutchez4 says:

    The one on the right ain't bothered.

  22. ChloeLincoln says:

    So jealous of all the girls, getting fucked like a bitch by such sexy black guys and their big nigger cocks!

  23. Bunnies says:

    It's really cool! Very temperament

  24. Elaine says:

    I would kill to get a tribute from a perfect girl like you! 3

  25. Wilbo007 says:

    Very good looking woman and a good video.

  26. YkWk says:

    I gave it a thumbs up because she is so hot, its her first scene, and although she is boring, her behavior is at least natural and real. No over acting. And she does get into it at times. The look on her face when he is deep inside her is great. But it does have a lot of flaws. And I think that if she wants a career in porn, she needs to go about it a little differently. We need more pics, more masturbation vids, more close ups, and some great orgasms. And lose the wig!

  27. delossie says:

    Speaks Spanish the entire video then says "Don't tell your wife" at the end. That's either terrible acting or the greatest plot twist of all time.

  28. lefttart says:

    Vid is fucking hot and on point... Damn!!!!!

  29. Lockleys2 says:

    the way Jessie eyes Zoey's cunt as her fingers are a fucking blur on her clit around 10 nubs is HOT AF, and reminds us how amazingly cute the young Jessie was...this is great, thanks.

  30. loserlilyx3 says:

    Mmmmmmmm, hermosa mujer, muy caliente, un cuerpo increible y una conchita deliciosa. Para garcharla todos los dias.

  31. MyLittlePrince says:

    damn bro, that's crazy. I would have been happy just getting my dick sucked. Sounds like you guys had a blast haha

  32. RockFather says:

    Good to hear

  33. ChristianO says:

    God it's as perfect as that too. Fuck.

  34. lbradley28 says:


  35. charlescowan says:

    Dillion loves sex period. Always bubbly and smiling while orgasms. Who shouts out load ,"Oh Gosh!" while climaxing?

  36. CorruptBadger says:

    Nominated for the least climatic climax.

  37. richLL1 says:


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